Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What's in a name?

There’s been a lot of excitement lately with the launch of Coach Farm’s newest product – Rawstruck – our first ever Raw Milk Goat Cheese.  But naming this cheese was no easy feat!  Since this cheese was so different from our other offerings, it needed a different name…something unique and unlike our other classically named cheeses.  To come up with a creative moniker, we reached out to YOU – the public – to help us!

To start, we partnered with Culture: Word on Cheese Magazine  to create a user engagement program that utilized digital and social media platforms.  As part of this program, we selected bloggers to receive samples of the cheese to describe its characteristics, videos of the process were posted to YouTube, ads were placed on both Culture and Coach Farm’s websites and pictures of the cheese were in heavy rotation on sites like facebook and twitter.  The naming contest went viral very quickly thanks to our fans sharing with their networks as well.
Our 6 bloggers did a really great job with their vivid descriptions of the cheese.  “Angel food cake of goat’s milk cheese”, “a surprising depth of flavor that pleasantly lingers”, and “a cheese with a crumbly texture at first that literally melts in your mouth” were just some of the descriptions we heard (you can read the blog posts here).  All of the adjectives used suggested surprise or “awe” at the flavor and texture of this new cheese.  We received an overwhelming response, but the name that best summed up the descriptions was Rawstruck.
Want to learn more about Rawstruck? Then please visit http://www.coachfarm.com/WWA/newproducts.html.  You can also visit our facebook page to see what our fans had to say about our first ever Raw Milk Goat Cheese!